BitGem (BTG ) is one of the oldest cryptocurrencies in it’s 5th year of continuous operation, launched May 16th 2013.

BitGem was the first ever crypto to be able to trade coloured coins, or in our case, gems!

BitGem is a decentralised cryptocurrency using a peer-to-peer network with no issuing authority like banks or governments. The design of BTG is open-source, public and unique.

No single person or group owns the network, you as a user of BTG are the network and transactions are carried out seamlessly. You are free to own, stake (free coins) and mine BitGems.

BitGem is the only cryptocurrency that can legitimately own the ticker symbol BTG as it was the first, almost 5 years ago.


It’s PoW scrypt and PoS like NovaCoin, but adapted so you can have some fun with it. There are any number of ways you or a group you are in might make use of BTG gems. Also, mining a block you could to get up to 3 BTGs.


-Colored coins.
-PoW scrypt.
-retargeting each 10 min.
-difficulty adjustement each block,
-semi-scarce: reward 3 BTG BitGems per block, halving X32 diffculty,
-latest upstream updates from litecoin, ppcoin, novacoin incluided,
-installer provided,
-simple 4Cs gemstone model implementation,
-GemWallet let to query your balance in gemstones with a lot of settings.
-no premine

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